Active Summer for CBS Kollel in Philadelphia

he CBS Kollel meets with Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlita.

It has been an active and productive summer zman for the CBS Kollel of Somerton, Philadelphia! The kollel started the zman energized with the divrei chizuk and brachah they received from Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlita, fully prepared to immerse themselves in their own limudim and also to dedicate their energies to the greater community.&

In the kollel’s own learning, they finished Perek Eilu Naaros, b’iyun, in its entirety, a project which was started in the winter, hearing chaburos given regularly by the Rosh Kollel, Harav Meir Riber, and rotating members of the kollel. In addition, they finished Hilchos Basar V’chalav and commenced the study of Taaruvos.

On a community level, the kollel continued with their weekly programs such as their young adult Gemara learning group; community-wide Thursday night “Chumash and Cholentshiur, and mishmar for the neighborhood school-aged boys, which culminated in a special end-of-the-zman trip.

This zman also saw the introduction of a new Navi shiur given by the Rosh Kollel which is open to the whole community. They started with Sefer Yehoshua and have covered many perakim. In addition, the daily Mesillas Yesharim chaburah covered significant ground, making it all the way to Nekiyus. Rebbetzin Riber’s popular chinuch shiur for women is back, resuming its approach of gleaning timeless lessons in chinuch habanim from the parashah.

After preparing mareh mekomos with the chavrei kollel over a bagel and lox breakfast, community members gather to listen to Rabbi Meir Riber deliver his weekly Sunday morning “Breakfast and Learn” shiur.

The kollel’s Sunday morning Breakfast and Learn program continued strong throughout the zman, covering a series of relevant and intriguing interpersonal halachic topics. There was also a special July 4th program. The legal holiday day off from work became the perfect opportunity for a kehillah breakfast and shiur from Rabbi Riber on the topic of “Dina d’Malchusa — the Laws of the Law of the Land.”

Everyone is excitedly looking forward to Elul, following a brief and well-earned summer break, for the combination of old and new Torah programing that will come with the new zman.

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