Yahrtzeit of Harav Yaakov Joseph, Zt’l

Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser and other mispallelim davening at the kever of Harav Yaakov Joseph, zt”l, in honor of his yahrtzeit.

The 117th yahrtzeit of Harav Yaakov Joseph, zt”l, Rav Hakollel of New York City, was marked this past Shabbos Parashas Pinchos, 24 Tammuz. On Erev Shabbos and Sunday, hundreds came to Union Field Cemetery in the Ridgewood section of Queens to visit his tziyun. Harav Joseph, who had served as Dayan in Vilna, came to New York City in 5648/1888 to become the first Chief Rabbi, of New York. Yidden representing various communities arrived at the tziyun to daven. Visitors davened for rachamei Shamayim in these challenging times, both on the communal and individual level. Many have reported experiencing yeshuos after davening there. These visits reflect Klal Yisrael’s appreciation for the Rav’s efforts and accomplishments in strengthening Yiddishkeit in this country.

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