London’s Kashrus Agencies Hold Unique Meeting

(L-R) Mr. Chaim Richman – SKA; Rabbi Jeremy Conway – KLBD; Rabbi Binyomin Goldberger – Kedassia; Dayan Yehoshua Posen – Federation; and Mr. Mark Goldwater – LBS.

A unique meeting was held recently between all the kashrus agencies in London: Federation, Kedassia, KLBD, London Board for Shechita and SKA.

The meeting was called in light of the serious breaches in kashrus that have occurred in some Jewish communities around the world. These incidents motivated the London agencies to review jointly their kashrus standards and consider how they might collectively strengthen the kashrus level of all establishments under their supervision.

The focus of the meeting was to establish a joint policy of minimum requirements for all meat restaurants and manufacturing premises, and to consider how best to utilize technological advances, particularly in CCTV, to assist them in their work. The use of CCTV would be in addition to the mashgiach being present.

Later on Mr. Yanky David and Mr. Shmuel Sofer of YES Security, who are experts in CCTV, joined the meeting, volunteering their assistance for the sake of strengthening kashrus in London.

The meeting took place in a spirit of harmony and achdus, with the sole aim of learning from one another and improving kashrus standards. It was hoped that this unprecedented gathering would be a forerunner of future collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of the entire Jewish community of London.


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