New Campaign: Haniyeh Isn’t Scary, Just Ridiculous

hamas israel
Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

In his speeches, Hamas Gaza head Ismail Haniyeh comes off as a threatening figure whom Israelis should fear, if they know what’s good for them – but in reality, he is a fat, middle-aged man who is corrupt and is probably headed for a heart attack. That is the way Israelis should be thinking of Haniyeh, according to a new campaign by a group of activists and families of victims of Arab terror – and they have the visual evidence to prove it.

Beginning Monday, numerous large billboards depicting Haniyeh popped up on highways and main roads in the Tel Aviv area. A smiling Haniyeh, surrounded by Qatari dollars and terror balloons, is shown smiling, saying, “Thank you Israelis, I love you – Ismail” – the implication being that it was Israeli fear that furnishes him with the power to conduct balloon terror attacks and receive Qatari money.

But one look at the comical figure claiming that power and money should be enough to make Israelis angry about how foolish they are to fear Haniyeh – and instead adopt the slogan by the Israel Victory Project, the group behind the campaign. “This is the opening shot of a new campaign to convince Israelis not to fear, and to demand victory,” the group said in a statement.

“Victory means forcing our conditions on our enemies by military and/or economic and diplomatic means,” the group said. “This is in contrast to the concessions we have been making to terror groups and their supporters. The dispute with the Palestinians will end only after they realize that their armed struggle is doomed to failure.”

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