Report: Gantz Ready to Dump Lapid for Chareidim

Blue and White party chairman Benny Gantz. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

A report in the weekend Yediot Acharonot said that officials from Blue and White had discussed the possibility of joining a Benny Gantz-led government with chareidi MKs – without Yair Lapid in line for the prime minister’s post.

The deal would involve a unity government between the Likud and Blue and White, with chareidi parties balancing out the government. The chareidi parties, which are expected to get around 15 Knesset seats, would join with the Likud and Blue and White to form a government. Lapid’s party would be spun off, and the rotation agreement between him and Gantz would be shelved. Under the deal, the chareidi parties would join with Gantz in insisting that he take the first turn at being prime minister.

The report, by analyst Amit Segal, said that given the circumstances there was no other possibility for the formation of a government. All recent polls show that the Likud falls short of the 61 seats needed to form a government, even taking into account right-wing and chareidi parties, Blue and White would have an even harder time forming a government, as a coalition with far-left Meretz and the Arab parties would be the only way Gantz could approach the 61 MKs needed.

Segal said the report was based on sources in the two large parties. There has been no comment from either the Likud or Blue and White on the report.