Report: German Diplomat ‘Liked’ Anti-Israeli Posts


Germany’s Foreign Ministry said that it has opened an investigation after learning the head of the country’s mission to the Palestinian territories had “liked” anti-Israeli tweets.

Bild newspaper reported Thursday that the “likes” came from the verified Twitter account of German diplomat Christian Clages.

The multiple “likes” included one for a video praising an attack on Israeli soldiers, and another for an exchange between American white-supremacist David Duke and another user about an alleged massacre of Jews.

Bild reports the Foreign Ministry “emphatically” disassociated itself from the “likes” and called them “unacceptable.”

The ministry, which didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, told Bild it was investigating “how these ‘likes’ came about and will then determine consequences.”

Clages distanced himself from the content of the tweets and removed the “likes.”