New Israeli-Made Vehicle Authorized for Sale

The Zibar MK4. (Transportation Ministry)

For the first time since the 1960s, an Israeli-made vehicle will be offered for sale locally, and eventually for export. The Transportation Ministry on Wednesday authorized for sale and manufacture the Zibar MK4, manufactured by Israeli company Ido Off-Road Technology.

The last time an Israeli-made car was available was in 1975, the year the Sussita sedan and transport vehicle halted production. The Sussita had a small but loyal following as a simple “worker’s vehicle,” suitable for quick jaunts around the city. The Zibar MK4, by contrast, is a sturdy off-road vehicle. The Transportation Ministry said that it had subjected the vehicle to a wide range of tests, and it had passed them all.

In a statement, the Transportation Ministry said that the authorization for manufacture and sale of the vehicle could kick-start the Israeli vehicle industry, which has been “in hibernation” for decades. “The process of authorization was done in a very strict and precise method with no compromises, in a transparent manner and with full professional attention from the manufacturer and experts in the ministry.”