Search Continues in Virginia Beach for Missing Rebbi


As a reporter from Hamodia entered a gas station to purchase some ice before joining a search party on one of the boats, the gas station attendant, who had observed the rescue parties at work for the past few days, told him, “This store is donating a bag of ice to you guys, out of respect for what you do.” As they exited, she added, “Thank you for what you do!”

The kiddush Hashem being performed by the volunteers is evident, as a bystander told them, “The sense of community on display is really something amazing!”

Although the Coast Guard had called off their search yesterday, at the request of askanim their helicopter returned and resumed searching today.

A Charidy campaign, under the auspices of Rabbonim, has been started to benefit the Bauman Family. You may contribute by clicking on this link.

A COMMSAR (Community Search and Rescue) volunteer. (Hamodia)
Drone being prepared for use in the search. (Hamodia)

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