Miraculous Rescue of Child in Pool Through Swift Action by Lifeguard


A tragedy was averted when an alert lifeguard noticed a young child in distress in the shallow water of a pool, and her swift reaction helped rescue the child and bring her to safety.

As the adults and children were enjoying the pool on the first Sunday in Camp Morris, located in Woodridge, NY, a lifeguard on duty saw a young child in the two-feet water who apparently was struggling to keep her head above water. She quickly blew a whistle to clear the area and removed the child, whose face had turned colors from having gone under several times.

With siyatta diShmaya the child seemed to be out of danger. Nevertheless, Hatzalah transported her to Ellenville Hospital, where she will remain under observation as a precaution.

Parents and children are reminded to observe all safety procedures at the waterfront, keeping young children within their sight at all times.