EU Will Work With Washington on Mideast Deal — On Condition


The European Union declared on Wednesday that it will work with the United States on its Mideast peace plan, but only on condition that it involves a two-state solution.

A statement from Federica Mogherini, the EU foreign policy chief following a meeting in Washington on Tuesday with White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, “underlined the fundamental interest of the European Union for lasting and sustainable peace and stability in the region,” according to a readout provided by Brussels.

“In this context, the EU is ready to work with the U.S. administration on the basis of its longstanding position, including the commitment to a negotiated two-state solution and agreed international parameters.”

Whether the U.S. will be able to satisfy such a requirement remains to be seen. Early on in his administration, President Donald Trump pointedly refrained from committing to a two-state solution, saying that he would pragmatically back whatever works.

The EU plans to send a representative to next week’s economic peace conference in Bahrain, though it has yet to say what level that participation would be on. Given the organizers’ policy of keeping the conference focused on economics rather than politics, foreign ministers and elected officials are not being invited, so Mogherini herself will not attend.

“We are considering the level of attendance that might be most likely a technical level. We are always interested in getting more insights on possible steps or plans that can be put forward,” Mogherini said Monday at a meeting of the EU–Jordan Association Council in Luxembourg.

“But I can tell you this casts no shadow whatsoever on the strong and clear European Union commitment shared by all member states on the need to have a political solution for the creation of a Palestinian state. As I said, living side by side with the Israeli state, with a clear status for Jerusalem, and with respect to the international parameters that are clearly known.”