Average Salary Rises Again in March

(Nati Shohat/Flash90)

The average salary for Israelis rose in March by 3% over the level a year earlier, reaching NIS 11,140 ($3,100) a month. The figures were supplied by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The March figure was 4.4% higher than that in February, when the average salary was NIS 10,688 ($2,970) a month, and 8.8% higher than in January, when it was NIS 10,268 ($2,850). March is generally a month with higher than average salaries, as it is the month bonuses and payments due employees are paid out, before the end of the tax year.

According to the statistics, high-tech workers continued to lead in monthly earnings. The salary in that area was NIS 24,053 a month on average. Tech was followed by banking and finance, where the average worker made NIS 21,378 on average.Coming in third were workers in the sewage and sanitation fields, earning NIS 16,300 a month. Workers in the food service industry earned the, least, NIS 5,323 per month on average.