Israel Aerospace to Introduce New Tactical Drone

A BirdEye unmanned aerial vehicle, one of several systems made by Israel Aerospace Industries. (Israel Aerospace Industries)

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) is set to introduce its new tactical drone (Unmanned Aerial System, or UAS) in the upcoming Paris Air Show. The model, called the T-Heron, is designed for tactical missions, and with a versatile design suitable for a variety of payloads, it is expected to be used extensively by ground troops, coastal guards and other protection forces, Globes reported.

The T-Heron is the most recent of IAI’s Heron Family, and offers one of the highest levels of flight safety, reliability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Its maximum altitude is 24,000 feet, at a speed of up to 120 knots (138.09 mph) and handles payloads of up to 396.8 lbs. (180 kg). The T-Heron complies with global standards, including STANAG 4671 requirements.

“We are proud to introduce the most recent UAS developed by IAI. Our T-Heron tactical UAS rounds up the range of operational UAS solutions IAI offers to all forces on the battlefield: marine, air, ground, and intelligence. IAI preserves its leadership position in UAS’s with a continuous stream of solutions for the challenges posed by the field,” said Moshe Levy, IAI EVP and CEO of the Military Aircraft Division.