Calif. Man Pleads Guilty to Plotting Anti-Semitic Attacks

A California man who had prepared “kill lists” targeting prominent Jews pleaded guilty last week to threatening three houses of worship in Orange County, JTA reported.

Nicholas Wesley Rose of Irvine was sentenced Friday for carrying a loaded firearm not registered in his name, as well as three civil rights counts concerning threats he had made. Other felony charges that had been included in his case were dropped.

Rose’s parents contacted the police last year after he made statements indicating that he intended to kill Jews,” The OC Register reported. In addition to writing up lists of Jews he wanted to kill, Rose threatened and visited a synagogue in Irvine that he planned to attack. He also threatened and visited two churches, one in Irvine and the other in Lake Forest, apparently because of support these places of worship had expressed for the Jewish community.

The court sentenced Rose to 825 days in jail, one year in residential mental health treatment and five years probation.

Brian Gurwitz, Rose’s legal representative, said Rose was suffering from mental illness.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer declared Rose to be “a danger to society,” adding that “every resident of Orange County should be aware of the threat he poses.”