Prisons Service Officers Suspended After Suspect’s Attempted Escape

A view of the Hadarim Prison in the Sharon coastal district. (Moshe Shai/Flash90)

Two security officers in the Prisons Service have been suspended from their jobs, pending an investigation into the attempted escape of a suspect from their custody at the beginning of the month. In addition, the two are being investigated for at least one previous incident under similar circumstances that was never reported to authorities, Walla News reported.

The incident occurred on May 1, when the suspect, attending a hearing on charges of theft, attempted to break free from custody. The suspect lunged at the judge, Ro’i Pery, successfully getting away from guards, and burst into his office, seeking a way to escape. There was none, and guards were able to recapture him. But it turned out that he was able to escape in the first place because he was not handcuffed.

Ensuring that he was handcuffed was the job of the two officers. An investigation was opened into the incident and is pending – but meanwhile, the two have been suspended. According to Walla News, a similar incident occurred several years ago, but authorities were not informed of the attempted escape. The investigation will focus on whether the officers violated protocol, accidentally or deliberately, and whether they had a relationship with the suspect.

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