Arab Mob Attacks Jews Outside Beit El

A street in Beit El, in the Binyamin region.

Eight Jews who attempted to visit a spring near Givat Assaf, outside the Binyamin region community of Beit El, were attacked by a mob of some 40 Arabs using sticks and rocks. The Jewish group successfully defended itself alone for some 20 minutes, until IDF forces arrived and broke up the riot.

“We were next to the spring, and we saw a mob of some 40 Arabs coming towards us carrying sticks,” one of the members of the Jewish group told Channel 20. “They began throwing rocks at us. We called the army, and they came after a short time, with the Arabs advancing on us. As soon as the army came the rioters all ran away.” The army began a search for the rioters, who apparently came from the nearby village of Burqa. No arrests have yet been made.

A similar attack took place last week, the witnesses said, with Burqa Arabs burning a tree in Givat Assaf, and attempting to set fire to a nearby forest. “We assume the Arabs were trying to have a ‘Ramadan event’ and climb up to Givat Assaf,” said one of the Jewish members of the group. “It was a nes that we were saved. This could have ended a lot worse had the soldiers not arrived.”

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