Winter Rainfall Was 150% of Annual Average in North, Center

View of the Kinneret. (David Cohen/Flash90)

As far as the Meteorological Service is concerned, the rainy season in Israel ended on April 30 – and based on rainfall from November 1, when it officially opened, this past winter was among the wettest on record. Rainfall in the north and center of the country was about 150% of the average. More rain fell than in any winter in the past 17 years. With that, the south was less rainy than average, getting only about 80% of the usual amount.

Among the rainiest places was Kibbutz Merhavia in the Jezreel Valley, which got 40 millimeters of rain, compared to 16 millimeters in an average year – 250% of the annual average. Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet got 54 millimeters of rain, compared to a seasonal average of 24 millimeters. In many places, rainfall in April alone exceeded 200% of the usual amount for the month, the Service said.

Besides the rain itself, the number of rainy days exceeded the annual average. Rain fell on between 93 and 96 days in many parts of the north, with the usual number between 65 and 75 days. The center of the country, meanwhile, experienced between 65 and 70 rainy days, compared to between 50 and 55 on average.