IDF Admits Overlooked Vulnerability of Road Near Gaza


IDF engineers were at work Tuesday filling a gap along a road near the Gaza border that was exploited by terrorists in a deadly incident on Sunday.

Military officials said that the road where Moshe Feder Hy”d 68, was killed by a Kornet anti-tank guided missile had not been closed because vulnerability to the weapon, which has an effective range of up to about 4 miles, was not anticipated.

“The specific road where the civilian’s vehicle was hit was not closed due to the distance. At the time, we didn’t see that threat,” IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said.

Construction of a concrete wall about 6 feet high and 600 yards long has begun on Route 34, where the incident occurred near Kibbutz Erez, according to Arab Media Sources.

Kornet missiles were used against Israeli tanks in the 2014 Gaza war, through they proved relatively ineffective against the tanks’ Trophy defense systems.

The last report of a Kornet missile being fired by Palestinian terrorists was in November, when one was fired at a military bus east of the Gaza border. One soldier was wounded in the attack, but b’chasdei shamayim, all the other soldiers who had been on it had already left. That incident sparked two days of fighting.