Ukrainian President Meets With Rabbanim and Shluchim

Ukraine’s President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskiy holds an exclusive edition of Tanach presented by Rabbanim representing the country’s various regions during a meeting in Kiev, Monday. (Press service of Volodymyr Zelenskiy/Handout via Reuters)

Ukraine‘s President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskiy met Monday with representatives of the Chabad shluchim and Rabbanim in the country, during which participants discussed issues related to the large Jewish community throughout the country, led by dozens of shluchim in various cities.

The meeting was attended by Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky, Rabbi of Dnieper; Rabbi Avraham Wolf, Rabbi of Odessa; Rabbi Moshe Asman, Rabbi of Kiev; Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz, Rabbi of Charkov; Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm, Rabbi of Zhitomir; and Rabbi Pinchas Vishetzky, Rabbi of Donetsk.

Ukraine’s President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskiy (C.) attends a meeting with the Rabbanim. (Press service of Volodymyr Zelenskiy/Handout via Reuters)

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