Security Forces Thwart Hamas Cyber Attack

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Building used by Hamas’ cyber unit after being struck by the IDF. (IDF Spokesperson Unit)

A joint operation of the IDF and Shin Bet has thwarted a Hamas cyber attack and the air force bombed a building in Gaza that housed the terror group’s cyber array.

The commander of the IDF’s Cyber Division, who can only be identified by his rank and first Hebrew letter of his name, Brig. Gen. “Dalet,” would only say that the cyber attack occurred in the past day and was aimed at “harming the way of life of Israeli citizens.”

The military said much of the information about the incident cannot be published as it would reveal to Hamas details about Israel’s cyber capabilities.

The Hamas cyber operation was not a particularly advanced one. “We were a step ahead of them the whole time,” the officer said. “I believe that they know they didn’t succeed in doing what they intended to do,” Dalet says.

However, Dalet noted that this was one of the first times where Israeli soldiers had to fend off a cyber attack while also fighting a physical battle.

“What’s special here is that we thwarted this threat under fire,” he told reporters.

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