Polish Clergy Condemn Anti Semitic acts in Poland

Warsaw -
A resident of the small town of Pruchnik in southeast Poland beats up an effigy of Judah Iscariot featuring a long nose and ultra-Orthodox sidecurls and brimmed hat, on April 19, 2019. (J-nerations)

Statement of the Bishop’s Conference

In the context of the events that took place in Pruchnik on April 19, the Church clearly expresses her disapproval of practices that violates human dignity. The Catholic Church will never tolerate manifestations of contempt towards members of any nation, including the Jewish people.

Bishop Rafał Markowski Chairman of the Council for Religious Dialogue Chairman of the Committee for Dialogue with Judaism

From the Association of Polish Rabbis

We thank the Bishop’s Conference for their clear, unequivocal and quick response to the anti-Semitic beating and bur

ning of a Jew in effigy in Pruchnik.
We will continue to work closely with our brothers of the Bishop Conference in fighting hate whether it be in Sri Lanka or in our beloved Poland