Kinneret Continues to Rise as Wet Weather Predicted Ahead of Pesach

View of the Kinneret as seen from Mitzpeh Ofir in the Golan Heights. (Gershon Elinson/Flash90)

Pesach marks the start of spring, but this year winter appears to be extending its stay – and that will further benefit the Kinneret, which so far this year has risen a whopping 3.20 meters since the beginning of the winter. The lake needs another 2.67 meters of water to be declared “full.”

The last significant rains in Israel fell about a week and a half ago, and the time since has been marked by sunny and somewhat warmer weather – but the Kinneret’s level has continued to rise every day, as substantial flows from streams and rivers in the north continue to rush into the Kinneret. Some officials expressed optimism that by the time the yearly total is tallied around May 1st, the lake will have risen by 4 full meters. That water will be needed to shore the Kinneret up for the summer; Israel’s largest body of fresh water loses about 1.5 meters to evaporation alone during the summer season.

This weekend’s rains will help the lake reach those 4 meters. Rain is expected in northern central Israel beginning Thursday night and extending into Friday. Shabbos could still see some showers, and the wet weather will extend into Sunday and Monday. Temperatures, meanwhile, will fall – and be cold enough for another round of snow on the Hermon, forecasters said.