Rockland County Announces New Measures to Fight Measles

measles vaccine, rockland county

Officials in Rockland County are announcing new measures to fight the spread of measles.

The new rules were announced Tuesday, the day after New York City closed a preschool over non-compliance with measles vaccine requirements.

Both New York City and Rockland are struggling to contain a measles outbreak centered in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods while battling lawsuits over their efforts to require vaccinations.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert say the county will order anyone with measles to stay home, among other measures.

New York City’s Board of Health will vote Wednesday on whether to extend last week’s emergency declaration ordering mandatory vaccinations in four Brooklyn ZIP codes.

New York City has confirmed 329 cases of measles since October. Rockland County has confirmed 186 cases.