Somalia Fires Diplomat for Advocating Ties with Israel


An internal fight over the possibility of diplomatic relations with Israel has led to the dismissal of a Somali government official who spoke out in favor of the change of policy.

Abdullahi Dool, Director of Somalia’s Foreign Ministry, was forced out on March 31 after he publicly advocated reaching out to the Israelis, according to local media outlet, Radio Dalsan.

“I too support diplomatic ties between Somalia and Israel. It is long overdue. Establishing diplomatic relations does not harm anyone but promote peace and cooperation,” Dool tweeted.

Later, he added: “The Palestinians are their [own] worst enemies. They never miss an opportunity to miss a chance. They are idiots and losers who have hijacked their own people in Gaza. They should be condemned each time they attack civilians. It is in our interest to welcome Israel.”

Dool subsequently deleted the tweets, explaining that he was expressing his personal opinion only.

But public reaction was negative: “Over 80 percent of those who reacted on the station’s twitter handle said the government had done the right thing,” by firing him, reported Radio Dalsan in Mogadishu.

Dool has not recanted, however. He told The Times of Israel on Monday:

“I am definitely in favor of ties with Israel. We shall see what the future holds for Somali-Israel ties,” he wrote. “In our country, there are many officials who are pro establishing ties with Israel and there are those against… It may take few more years for Somalia to establish ties.”

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