14-Count Indictment Laid Out Against Hamas Terrorist

View of construction work on the border fence with the Gaza Strip. (Anat Hermony/Flash90)

The Southern District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment on Monday in the Be’er Sheva District Court, charging 27-year-old Hamas terrorist Yousef Mabhouh of Gaza with 14 security offenses undermining national security.

As per the charges, Mabhouh allegedly joined Hamas in 2006. He is accused of fighting against Israel during the Pillar of Defense and Cast Lead Operations, placing explosives, digging and repairing terror tunnels and firing short-range missiles. A failed missile launch that resulted in damage in a Gaza school led to rumors that the damage was caused by Israeli bombardment.

On Feb. 15, Mabhouh was caught trying to infiltrate Israel. The prosecution is seeking to detain him until the end of the legal proceedings.