Top PA Terrorist Arrested Over ‘Imminent’ Terror Attack

Israeli border police check the identity card of a Palestinian at an Israeli checkpoint. (Reuters/Mussa Qawasma)

Zakaria Zubeidi, a top Palestinian Authority terrorist who was leader of the al-Aqsa Brigades and is responsible for numerous Israeli deaths, was arrested in recent days, the Yamam special police force announced Wednesday. Along with Zubeidi was arrested fellow terrorist Tarak Barghout. The two were arrested for planning a terror attack against Israelis that was “imminent,” the Yamam announcement said.

Zubeidi has a long history of terror activities, going back to the second Intifada, and was responsible for a 2004 bombing in Tel Aviv that caused deaths and injuries. He has been in Israeli prisons before, and was more recently imprisoned by the PA, apparently for his support of Mahmoud Abbas rival Marwan Barghouti. The nature of the terror attack he was planning was not announced by the Yamam.

Overnight Tuesday, security officials said they arrested eight wanted security suspects in other areas in Yehudah and Shomron. The suspects were wanted for participating in rioting and throwing stones and firebombs that endangered Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers. Several of the suspects were also charged with belonging to Hamas. All were being questioned on their activities by security forces.