Regional Briefs – February 13, 2019

High Winds Push Plane Into Bridge at Buffalo Airport

BUFFALO – High winds Wednesday morning pushed a United Airlines plane onto a jet bridge at the Buffalo airport as it was departing for Newark, The Associated Press reported. None of the 158 people on board were hurt. Winds of nearly 60 mph were recorded that day.

Vandals Sabotage City’s Snowplows Ahead of Storm

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. – Vandals sabotaged Mount Vernon’s fleet of snowplow and salting trucks, prompted their breakdowns when they went out early Tuesday to clear snow, The Associated Press reported. Latex gloves were found stuffed into the fuel tanks of all 16 garbage trucks and 13 plows.

District Reverses Decision to Opt Out of Coloring Contest

GLEN ROCK, N.J. – A school district reversed its decision against participating in an American Legion coloring contest due to the presence of an army rifle in the image, The Record reported. Glen Rock initially opted out of the statewide contest but changed its mind after multiple complaints.

Man Pleads Guilty in Attack on Traffic Agent

STATEN ISLAND – A man who suckerpunched a traffic agent for ticketing a friend pleaded guilty to assault, the Staten Island Advance reported. Divon Cochrane came up from behind the agent and punched him in the throat, knocking him out. Cochrane is expected to get two years behind bars.

NJ Communities Warn of Elevated Water Contaminants

NEWARK – New Jersey officials warned Wednesday that the water they receive from the Newark supply has spiked in contaminants, The Record reported. While the water is deemed safe for drinking at this time, it contains haloacetic acids, which could cause cancer after years of exposure.

Man Arrested for Building Pipe Bombs at His Home

MIDDLESEX, N.J. – A man was arrested for detonating a bomb near a bridge and having bombs in his home, reported. Joseph Colucci, 59, admitted detonating a pipe bomb which prompted residents to call police.