Yaalon Rules Out Two-State Solution

Moshe “Boogie’ Yaalon at the Annual International Conference of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, Tuesday. (Flash90)

While Benny Gantz maintains a policy of ambiguity about the proposed two-state solution, his new running mate, Moshe Yaalon, dispelled any doubts about his opposition to it, after the speech on Tuesday night.

When on his way from Gantz’s debut speech at the Tel Aviv fairgrounds, Yaalon was asked by The Times of Israel if he would support the “two states for two peoples” formula, the former defense minister answered, “of course not.”

Gantz stated his commitment to a “united Yerushalayim,” strengthening the blocs in Yehudah and Shomron and “never abandoning the Golan Heights,” but did not say whether he supported a Palestinian state.

In deference to Gantz’s formidable polling numbers—showing him running No. 2 to Netanyahu’s Likud, while Yaalon might not pass the electoral threshold—Yaalon has agreed to be No. 2 on the Gantz list. However, he reportedly will receive slots 5 and 8 for his own party on the joint list. The arrangement is subject to revision in the event that other parties, such as Yesh Atid, sign on as well, according to Ynet.

Ya’alon was interviewed at a conference of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) Tuesday evening and seemed to rule out sitting in a future Netanyahu government.

Asked where he places his party on the right-left spectrum, Yaalon responded with an acerbic comment on the current political scene in Israel: “Anyone who criticizes Netanyahu is a leftist; even President Rivlin and Benny Begin… Surely I too will be called a leftist; it isn’t a derogatory term as far as I’m concerned.”