Report: Hamas Planning to Ratchet Up Rioting, Terror, Before Election

palestinians gaza
Palestinian rioters burn tires during a protest on the Gaza-Israel border. (Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90, File)

As Israelis get ready to decide whom to vote for in the upcoming April elections, Hamas is getting ready as well, in its own way. A report on Kan News said that the Gaza terror group had decided to ratchet up terror and rioting in Gaza in the coming weeks, with the apex coming right before the elections. However, the terror group will try to avoid going too far, as it does not want to set off a pre-election war with Israel.

The intention is to turn Gaza into the central issues of the elections – and extort from Israel concessions on projects like a seaport and airport, the expansion of fishing areas, the construction of a new electricity infrastructure, installation of systems for water purification, and more. Hamas has determined that Netanyahu, facing numerous opponents as well as the threat of indictments, is vulnerable at this time, and will prefer to concede on these issues in order to quiet tensions and provide the appearance of security in Israel’s south.

According to the report, the decision to exacerbate tensions was behind the rejection of $15 million in cash that Qatari officials attempted to deliver last week. Rejecting the cash was the idea of Hamas top terrorist Yahya Sinwar, who is seeking to incite the “Gaza street” against Israel, and bring tens of thousands to what the terror group plans to be daily riots.

Kan News reported Monday that Hamas tractors were leveling ground in northern Gaza, preparing them as staging areas for riots. Riots that have been taken place in recent weeks were headed by Islamic Jihad, and not Hamas, the report said, with Hamas trying to tone down the riots in order to ensure efficient delivery of the Qatari cash. But now Hamas is planning to actively lead the riots, which could start in earnest as early as Tuesday, the report said.