BD”E – Harav Yidel Lichter Zt”l


Klal Yisrael mourns the passing of Harav Yehudah (Yidel) Lichter Zt”l, a longtime resident of Monsey and beloved Menahel of Yeshiva Bais Dovid for nearly half a century. He was ‎72 years old.

Rav Yidel was associated with Breslav for many decades, and visited the tzionin Uman when it was still under Communist rule. He served as the Gabai of Khal Birkas HaNachal Breslov in Monsey for many years.

The levayah is scheduled for Sunday morning at 9:30 in Khal Birkas HaNachal Breslov at 70 Main Street, and at 10:30 will proceed to Yeshiva Bais Dovid at 22 West Maple.

The aron will be brought to Eretz Yisrael where will be a levayah in Breslav before the kevurah.

Yehi zichro baruch.