Shin Bet: ‘A Terror Attack in Every Respect’


Following the indictment on Thursday of an Israeli teen in the killing of a Palestinian woman, the Shin Bet issued a statement asserting that it was “a terror attack in every respect.”

The security agency, which has been criticized for allegedly abusing the suspects in the case, which their lawyers have claimed was not supported by the evidence, retaliated on Thursday against “interested parties over their deliberate and ongoing effort to slander the Shin Bet and its employees,” throughout the investigation.

“In light of the manipulative claims currently being made by those interested parties… it should be said that this was a terrorist attack in every respect, and similar acts carried out by Arab terrorists, including minors, were dealt with no differently,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, the husband of the woman who was killed in the stoning, Yaqoub Rabi, said he had no confidence in the Israeli justice system and will take the case to an international court.

“The Israeli police and intelligence both know who hit us leading to my wife’s death but they charged one person only.”

“When they hit our car with stones they were more than four people,” he told AFP. “I want all those who killed my wife to be tried in an international& court.”