Police Shoot Palestinian Youth Throwing Firebombs in Shuafat


Border Police officers shot and wounded a Palestinian youth who was throwing firebombs at cars on a main road near Shuafat, just north of French Hill in northern Yerushalayim.

The youth had refused to stop after being warned by police, and undercover officers shot and seriously wounded him, according to a police report. He was taken to Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus in the capital, where he underwent surgery.

Two others involved in the attacks were arrested taken for questioning.

Police said the firebombings were “terrorism” and “were a recurring phenomenon in recent weeks. “The attacks threaten the lives of motorists and could lead to deaths,” The Times of Israel quoted them as saying.

The Shuafat camp is situated just north of French Hill in the capital and overlooks Route 60 and Route 1 near the intersection point of the two highways.