Jewish Teen Remanded Another Day on DNA Evidence

Attorney Adi Keidar. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90/File)

An Israeli court revealed on Wednesday the existence of a DNA sample that links a Jewish suspect to the killing of an Arab woman on October 12.

DNA from the main suspect in the case was found on the rock thrown at the car of

Aysha Ravi, a mother of nine, who died in the subsequent crash near the Tapuah Barrier in the Shomron.

The court also lifted the gag order on the case other than the name of the minor accused of the crime, which reportedly will be that of manslaughter.

In addition, the court gave state prosecutors one more day to file an indictment; otherwise the court might have to release him from custody.

A delay in filing the indictment was due to a defense request for more time so that the suspect could exonerate himself despite the DNA. However, the prosecution successfully rebutted his explanation, and Judge Guy Avnon of the Magistrate’s Court said they would have a day to file.

The accused’s lawyer, Adi Keidar from the Honenu legal aid group, downplayed the DNA evidence, arguing that if prosecutors had sufficient evidence to bring charges, they would have done so already, and not resorted to repeated demands a remand extension.

Keidar warned that if the court ends up indicting his client, “it will lead to a scenario in which the case will drag out for a number of years without being solved.”