Two IDF Soldiers Securing Mispallelim at Kever Yosef Wounded by Rocks

(TPS News) -
Jews arriving to daven at Kever Yosef, Sunday night. (Nadav Goldstein/TPS)

Some 1,500 Jews on Sunday night entered the city of Shechem to daven at Kever Yosef in honor of Tu BiShvat.

The mispallelim were accompanied by IDF forces who secured their entry into an area controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

Arabs throwing rocks at the securing forces lightly wounded two IDF soldiers, who were evacuated for treatment at a hospital.

A seudah held at Kever Yosef on Sunday night in honor of Tu BiShvat. (Nadav Goldstein/TPS)

Israeli entries into Kever Yosef are often accompanied by Arab violence against the mispallelim.

In related news, IDF forces operating in the Efraim area encountered heavy rioting by local Arabs who threw firebombs and rocks at them. The soldiers responded by using crowd dispersal means at the rioters. No Israelis were injured in this incident.

Israeli forces operating in the Menasheh area to seize illegal weapons found two Carlo submachine guns and confiscated them. The Carlos are usually produced locally at illegal workshops.

Israeli forces carrying out counterterrorism operations throughout Yehudah and Shomron arrested 30 Arabs suspected of carrying out attacks against Israelis and other acts of terrorism.