High Court Gives Further Extension on Draft Law

A view of the High Court building in Yerushalayim.

The High Court Sunday gave the government until July 28, 2019, to complete the legislation of a new and amended law regarding the drafting of chareidi yeshivah students, leaving the current law for another few months.

The Court had previously granted an extension to the current law until January 15.

Last week, the government asked the High Court for a further extension on the deadline of the Draft Law because of the election period in which the political system is located.

The government requested an extension of more than six months – until July 28, which is about three months into the term of the 21st Knesset.

Although the new bill was passed in its first reading, objections to the proposals led to delays in the second and third readings of the legislation and the government needed to secure two extensions, and now – a third extension.

The High Court had ruled last September that a version of the law, which had been supported by the chareidi parties, was unconstitutional, and gave a one-year deadline for passage of a new bill.