44 Candidates Seek ‘Realistic’ Slots on Labor List

labor party
Labor Party head Avi Gabay. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

According to nearly all polls, Labor will be lucky if it gets 10 seats in the next Knesset – but that hasn’t discouraged potential candidates from flocking to the party’s flag. As of the weekend, there were no fewer than 44 candidates for seats on the party’s next Knesset list – 14 of them serving Knesset members.

The party’s primary will take place on Feb. 11. The list will be chosen by party members, with two slots – numbers 17 and 23 on the list, set aside for minorities (Druze or Arabs), and three set aside for party chairperson Avi Gabay and two others (Gabay is currently not a serving Knesset member). It is expected that the 14 currently serving MKs will take most of the top slots. Eight of the 44 will be competing for the minority slots.

Of the 44, 30 are new to Knesset politics. Ten currently serving MKs are off the list – five of them Hatn’ua members booted out of the party along with Tzipi Livni, and five Labor members who have decided that they will not be running in the next election.