French Sailor Rescued by IDF After Weeks Adrift Near Gaza Strip

IDF soldiers with the French sailor who was lost at sea for weeks, Friday. (IDF Spokesman)

On Friday morning, the naval observers guarding Israel’s southern region spotted a vessel that was swept away towards the Gaza Strip, the IDF said. An Israeli Navy 916th Patrol squadron arrived and located a man on the deck of the vessel. An initial inquiry suggested that the man, a French citizen, had been at sea for several weeks after his vessel had been caught in a storm and suffered a malfunction.

The patrol squadron rescued the sailor and evacuated him to a hospital for further medical attention.

The Commanding Officer of the Israeli Navy’s 916th Patrol Squadron, Lt. Col. Guy Barak, said, “Following the identification of the vessel, the naval forces operated quickly and professionally in order to rescue the civilian and pull him back to shore, while providing initial medical treatment on board the Israeli Navy vessel. We will continue to protect the naval borders of Israel in the southern region, in all weather conditions.”