New Tel Aviv Skyscraper Will Be Country’s Tallest Building

Skyscrapers along Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. (Flash90/Anat Hermoni)

For nearly two decades, the 238-meter (781-ft.) high City Gate Tower in the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange area has been the tallest building in Israel – but its reign as top tower is set to end with the construction of the Spiral Tower, a new project that will be built in the Azrieli section of Tel Aviv.

The building will rise to 350 meters, 91 stories off the ground. Included in the compound will be shopping, offices, a hotel, and apartments. Total cost for the 150,000-sq. meter project: NIS 2.5 billion.

The top floor will include a hall for events, along with a wraparound view that will be used as a lookout over the city. Under the building will be parking – six floors’ worth, with the 45,000-sq. meter parking lot the biggest in Israel. The new building will be adjacent to the Azrieli Towers (which, at 49 stories, will be dwarfed by the new project), but the project will include an expansion of the Azrieli shopping center, adding 13,000 sq. meters to it.

Dana Azrieli, head of the Azrieli Group investment firm, said that “the significant investment in this project is a testimony to our faith in the future of the Israeli economy and to its growth. We are continuing our strategic investment policies in construction as we have for the past three decades.”