Foreign Ministry Tells World: No Honorary Consulates


Faced with hesitancy and half-measures on the part of friendly nations who have been asked to move their embassies to Yerushalayim, the Foreign Ministry has served notice that Israel will no longer allow the opening of honorary consulates in the capital.

In November, following offers from the Czech Republic and Australia to establish such offices – seen as less inflammatory than an actual consulate or embassy – Israel sent a letter to governments around the world that it would have to be the real thing or nothing.

“Establishing honorary consulates in Jerusalem will no longer be approved,” read the letter, according to a Hebrew-language quote carried by Channel 13 on Thursday. “Renewal requests for new terms for honorary consuls in Jerusalem won’t be approved. These restrictions will be lifted only for a state that has an embassy in Jerusalem.”

The new policy appears to have had an effect. The Czech Republic ultimately opened a cultural center in the capital, and the Australians a trade office. Both are considered to be more significant than an honorary consul.

Countries that even consider moving their embassies to Yerushalayim are immediately threatened with diplomatic and economic retaliation from Arab and Muslim nations.