Skverer Rebbe Visits Manchester Community

The Skverer Rebbe (C) with local Rebbes and Rabbanim at the event marking the chanukas habayis in Manchester, Monday night. (Lawrence Purcell)

The Skverer Rebbe, shlita, who has spent the last few weeks in Pressburg, Slovakia, traveled Monday to Manchester, U.K., to take part in a chanukas habayis of the new Skeverer beis medrash.

The dais at the chanukas habayis. (Lawrence Purcell)

The Rebbe was greeted by his nephew, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of London, shlita, who came up to Manchester, together with large numbers of Chassidim.

A view of the crowd. (Lawrence Purcell)

A siyum took place on Monday afternoon in the Machzikei Hadass hall.