Government to File for Third Extension of Draft Law

The High Court in Yerushalayim with the Knesset seen in the background. (File picture)

The Draft Law is due to expire Tuesday, Jan. 15, after the High Court granted a month-and-a-half extension to form a new law, before the Knesset dissolved for elections.

The Justice Ministry is currently preparing another appeal to the High Court to postpone the decision on the Draft Law because of the election period in which the political system is located, reported Yisrael Hayom.

According to the report, the Justice Ministry will argue before the High Court that since it is an election period, it is difficult to reach coalition agreements and to formulate an agreed outline on the Draft Law during such a period.

The request will be for an extension of more than six months – until July 28, which is about three months into the term of the 21st Knesset.

Although the new bill was passed in its first reading, objections to the proposals led to delays in the second and third readings of the legislation and the government needed to secure two extensions, one for December and one for this week, which will both be missed.