British Left-Wing Activist Denied Entry at Ben Gurion Airport


Israel has for the second time denied entry into the country to left-wing British activist Garry Spedding, who has a record of anti-Israel agitation.

Spedding, who was banned in 2014 for 5 years, was held in detention at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday pending deportation, according to Haaretz.

Although the 5-year period has expired, he was refused entry because he had failed to coordinate his visit after the ban was over. Spedding said he applied to the embassy in London repeatedly but received no answer.

In 2014, the Interior Ministry’s Population and Immigration Authority banned Spedding on grounds of a “fear of public disturbance.”

He was accused by the Foreign Ministry of having been one of the organizers of a Belfast protest against an Israeli lecturer which turned violent. The state further adduced that he had violated a previous entry visa and lied at passport control when asked for the reasons for his visit.