BD”E – Reb Yosef Herman Z”l


The Spring Valley/Monsey community and the beyond mourn the passing of Reb Yosef Herman Z”l, a long time Monsey resident.

Reb Yosef was one of the leaders of Chug Talmidei Rav Yaakov, a small but prominent kehillah of talmidim of Harav Yaakov Kaminetzsky, Zt”l, who formed a shul in his house half a century ago. These talmidim were the backbone of the growth of Monsey into the fortress of Torah, avodah and gemilas chasadim that it is today.

Reb Yosef took upon himself the responsibility to research and publish an annual guide of various grain products as to when they present a shailah concerning chodosh. Compiling this guide required many hours of research, and Reb Yosef did it as a service to his fellow Yidden who took upon themselves this halachah.

In addition to “The Guide to Chodosh”, he ran a popular “Chodosh hotline” [718 305-5133] where the latest news on the status of these products was announced.

Reb Yosef was niftar suddenly Thursday night, and the levaya was held this morning at 10:30 am in Monsey. There will be another levayah on Motze Shabbos at 7:30 pm at 122-31 Metroplolitan Avenue before leaving to the airport to transport the aron to Eretz Yisrael.

Yehi Zichro Baruch