Police Raid Shomron Yeshivah in Security Probe


Police went back to the yeshivah in Shomron where they arrested three students in a security probe last week, and served summonses on another 80 students to appear for questioning in the case.

The Shin Bet has been holding the three on suspicion of connection to the killing of 47-year-old Aisha Rabi, who was struck on the head by a rock on October 12 as she drove home.

About 30 of the students have already undergone questioning as of Wednesday evening, and the rest were ordered to present themselves immediately at the police station in nearby Ariel, according to Haaretz.

Honenu, which has been representing the teens, called the raid illegal, saying it was conducted without a warrant. Honenu attorney Ari Keidar demanded the officers’ “grave conduct” be investigated by the police’s internal investigations department.

The Honenu legal organization attacked the raid: “The excesses of the police system continue. Is it possible that 80 children threw a stone together? The police went crazy and acted illegally. We call on Minister Gilad Erdan to wake up and put an end to trampling the rights of children in educational institutions.”