Live Shechitah Demonstration At Kehillas Niles

Rabbi Moshe Klarberg, senior OU mashgiach and shochet, gives a shechitah demonstration at Kehillas Niles.

Kehillas Niles had a special shiur with a live shechitah presentation this Sunday morning from senior OU mashgiach and shochet Rabbi Moshe Klarberg.

He shechted two chickens and showed all the shechitah requirements with the windpipe and membrane of a small calf.

Rabbi Klarberg discussed that much of hilchos shechitah is halachah l’Moshe miSinai and taught the attendees to appreciate how many detailed halachos are in place before the meat comes to our kitchen table.

Rabbi Klarberg stressed how much of our mesorah we get from the way shechitah was passed down from Rebbi to talmid. At the time of Mattan Torah, Hashem showed Moshe the kosher animals and procedures how to shecht, using the word “b’zos.”

The live presentation included the actual preparation of checking the knife and whetting it, followed by the shechitah, kisuy hadam, bedikah, and then the soaking, the salting, and finally the hadachah in three different pails of water.

The crowd got a first-hand picture of the procedure and how relevant it was in the Gemara in Chullin in “Eilu treifus” that so many Daf Hayomi participants are currently learning.

The tens of mispallelim and other community members who attended from across the spectrum of the Staten Island Willowbrook community showed tremendous achdus in how through Torah learning we unite and are mechazek each other to grow in our avodas Hashem.