Mandelblit Smeared as ‘Collaborator’

The vandalized grave of the father of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. (Adam Shuldman/Flash90)

Adding to the tremendous pressure of having to decide on whether to indict Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit was the target of vandalism for the second time in recent weeks, police said on Wednesday.

“Mandelblit is a collaborator” was spray-painted by unknown vandals along Israel’s coastal highway, on a wall separating the highway from the town of Or Akiva, across the road from Caesarea, The Times of Israel reported.

It was the second act of vandalism in a month against the attorney general, whose father’s headstone was desecrated at Har Hazeisim.

Even before these incidents, police increased Mandelblit’s security detail in response to reported threats against him personally.

A bodyguard was assigned to the attorney general two years ago, when concern for his safety was aroused by weekly protests of left-wing demonstrators outside his home demanding that he press charges against Netanyahu.

He has been attacked both by the left, and by right-wing supporters of Netanyahu who demand that he close the cases against him.