RJJ Merkaz HaTorah Seventh Grade Chessed Trip

Staten Island -

In the seventh-grade classroom, for the last few weeks, you could hear and see the excitement and preparation that was taking place for the annual Chessed Trip.

This is a highlight of an experience with Rabbi Yaakov Shalom, their Rebbi, who prepared and directed the talmidim in singing three songs as a choir for the residents of a nursing home.

Prior to leaving, Rabbi Shalom not only reviewed the performance but also gave them a lesson and instructions in how to behave in a nursing home.

This year, through the assistance of Rabbi Yochanan Ivry, Rav of Congregation Toras Emes, the class went to Verrazano Nursing Home and Silver Lake Rehab Center.

At the homes, the boys brought joy to the residents with their singing and pleasant uplifting conversation. The class had an additional treat of meeting war veterans who are residents of the home.

Both the boys and residents were uplifted by the experience.