Looking Forward From a Crossroads

President Donald Trump delivers remarks with Vice President Mike Pence before signing the Agriculture Improvement Act, December 20, 2018 in Washington, DC. ( Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Our country is at a dangerous crossroads. Donald Trump did not create it, but his style and manner are not helpful to bringing people together. In that, he is getting plenty of help from mirror images on the other side of the aisle.

Our media’s non-stop obsession with trying to bring down this president is fundamentally bad for the country. It’s fine to report on news that reporters uncover or events that unfold. But to spend two to three hours every morning and evening with talking heads is frankly yellow journalism at its worst. Compounding the yellow journalism, this is a waste of taxpayer resources: Members of Congress who talk on as many shows as they can, posturing for donors to their campaigns, instead of working for their constituents. More than ever, people on both sides of the aisle pander to their worst selves and fan the flames, rather than seek to do what is good for America.

I would hope that before Congress goes home for the end-of-year recess, President Trump would address the nation, using the opportunity to heal some wounds, move along some much-needed legislation and offer a genuine olive branch to all.

Here is what he should think about saying:

“My fellow Americans, whether you support me or not, I want to make your lives and your children’s lives better. That is first and foremost on my mind every day.

“I see the damage that has been done these past two decades as we have become more and more polarized, and I recognize that I as president have to help fix that. I am asking my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to revive the comity that we were once known for, not the divisions and mean-spiritedness that we have devolved into.

“Instead of being empty-headed rhetorical windbags, let’s become representatives of the families who count on us: the senior citizens who depend on our looking out for them and the children who are our future.

“Earlier today, I spoke with Presidents Clinton and Bush and have asked them to co-chair my infrastructure initiative. They will travel to every one of our 50 states together and help develop our priorities. I am hopeful that their report will be ready by April 2019 so that we can begin the necessary hearings and funding to bring the jobs and improvements our nation needs.

“Today, I met with President Obama who has agreed to work with me on immigration reform, with the anticipated goal of legislation to bring to Congress in the spring and to support the work of the women and men to protect our borders, and to recognize that we must help those who have come here legally before we can accept those who try to sneak in. That said, we will together make the process more humane and sensitive, especially to children and the elderly. This reform will be comprehensive and will reward those who play by the rules. We anticipate developing a visa for people who will work, even at low-level jobs, so that it is not only the wealthy, who can obtain investment visas, but others who will perform needed tasks as well.

“I believe America should help keep families together and incentivize through tax benefits and credits, ways in which intact families are rewarded. This is more likely thanks to passage of the First Step Act. Our infrastructure efforts will create millions of jobs so families can be brought out of poverty and achieve the middle-class dream so many strive for. Members of Congress, join me in dedicating ourselves to helping the families in your districts have better lives. I will seriously entertain what their needs are if you work with me.

“Senior citizens, especially the frail; children; disabled Americans and people who are discriminated against need our support and our collective shoulder. America cannot be great if we let so many remain weak without the kind of help they need — like day care or home care; education or healthcare; transportation and communication

“Finally, my fellow Americans, I am not a robot. I make and have made mistakes. But let me be perfectly clear, my loyalty is to my country and I would never do anything disloyal. People on both sides of the aisle are representing foreign powers in Washington, D.C. and perhaps there are lobbying laws that need to be refined and sharpened.

“As your 45th President, I am asking for your patience as I grow into this most incredible job, and for your prayers as I work towards making us a more United States of America. G-d bless you and G-d bless America.”