Bucking Trend, Egg Prices to Go Down

(Sarah Schuman/Flash90)

Some prices – like those of electricity, water, and bread – are going up, but Israelis got a little price relief when the commission that sets prices for basic commodities reduced the list price of eggs. Beginning January 1, the price of eggs will fall 1.2 percent. A dozen extra-large size eggs will cost NIS 12.40 instead of the current NIS 12.50.

The reduction by the Finance Ministry’s Price Commission was based on the factors that are involved in the price of eggs, including energy costs, profits for growers and farmers, energy prices, shipping, labor costs, marketing and distribution. Based on that, the commission decided that farmers and growers could afford a small reduction in the retail price of eggs.

Another possible reason for the lower cost is the popularity of lower-cost “illegal Arab eggs” that many Israelis buy. While importing such eggs to Israel is illegal, many Israelis do take advantage of the substantially lower prices of eggs in PA villages to save as much as 40 percent over the cost of eggs in Israeli supermarkets.

Eggs are in enough demand that PA Arabs often try to smuggle them into Israel for sale in markets, to restaurants, caterers, etc. Often, shipments of such eggs are confiscated as they are transported through IDF checkpoints. Health authorities stress that many of these eggs are produced and stored under unhealthy conditions in Arab villages, and could be dangerous if consumed.