Newlywed Law Clerk Fatally Hit by Charter Bus in NYC


A newlywed law clerk for a federal judge was praised Friday for her “excellent legal mind” after she was struck and killed by a charter bus shortly after leaving work.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Katharine H. Parker said after Kimberly Greer’s death that the 28-year-old distinguished herself “through her keen analytical skills and fluent writing.”

The judge called Greer “one of the most kind and generous persons I know, quick to lend a hand to colleagues, bake cookies for interns, and mentor students.”

A charter bus struck Greer and knocked her to the pavement as she walked in a crosswalk in lower Manhattan, near the courthouse where she worked as a clerk for Parker.

Bus driver Xi Chen, 50, awaited arraignment after being arrested on misdemeanor traffic charges. Dian Jiang, owner of NYC Style Limo, said he was devastated that one of his buses was involved in a fatal accident.

“It’s just very hard to grasp now,” Jiang said. “We feel really bad.”

Besides working as a clerk, Greer taught at Fordham University School of Law. She graduated in 2016 and married last month.