Shots Fired at Ofra Junction


In an apparent terror attack at Ofra Junction on Thursday night, shots were reportedly fired toward the site from the nearby Arab village of Ein Yabrud. No injuries have been reported.

Israeli security forces were dispatched to the scene and are investigating.

Route 60, the primary north-south traffic artery, was closed until further notice following the incident.

On December 9th, terrorists affiliated with Hamas opened fire on a group of Israelis standing at a bus stop at Ofra Junction. Seven people were wounded, including a 21-year-old expectant mother. Her child died as a result of the attack, and she is currently in hospital recovering from serious wounds.

Meanwhile, in another security incident later on Thursday night, a Palestinian was killed and another wounded when IDF troops opened fire on their vehicle near Ramallah. They refused to stop for a security check at the Focus roadblock, insteading speeding up to go through.

Updated Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 4:06 pm addition